Kitchen Julie x Dear Freedom Pink “Oysters & Champagne” T-Shirt



KJ x DF Pink Oysters & Champagne T-Shirt / DINNER

This t-shirt is an exclusive item from our “Sexy Time” series of items in a collaboration with the sustainable and organic clothing brand DEAR FREEDOM.

“Sexy Time” is about our passion for wholesome, happy, healthy, sexy food and everything it symbolises. Food that gathers, invites for a heartfelt conversation and creates quality (sexy) time with the people we cherish thus we can pursue life in courage.

Each illustration represents a different meal of the day. Purple “Berries & Milk” sweatshirt from the “Sexy Time” collab is about sexy breakfast time. Green “Sexy Time” sweatshirt with soy and coriander embroidery represents lunch – sexy lunch time. And both of the oysters & champagne t-shirts with pink and grey embroidery represent dinner time. Each of the three illustrations are personified.

Embroidered illustration is created by the talented Lithuanian graphic designer Lina Disciplina.

Every t-shirt comes with a surprise – a RECIPE tag created specially for you by yours truly. You can put it in your favourite cookbook or use it as a tab.

• Classic slightly oversized silhouette
• Dropped shoulders
• Soft both inside & outside (peach effect fabric)
• No bubbling
• Recycled paper tags

Designed and made in Lithuania

100% organic cotton