Kitchen Julie x Ramūnas Dagys Handmade Cups


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These handmade cups/tumblers are from my collaboration with Lithuanian artist Ramūnas Dagys. Our aim here was to create cups which are elegant yet sturdy enough for daily use. Simple, with a subtle hint of different textures and finishes. I love the wavy pattern on the outer side made by Ramūnas with his fingers.

Thrown over the wheel and finished with a clear glaze on the inside and partly on the outside for a comfortable mouthfeel. Aside from being handthrown, these cups are dipped in glaze therefore no two are alike.

Note sizes will vary.

These are dishwasher safe but please note chipping might occur. I prefer to wash them by hand and use the dishwasher only when the unglazed part gets stained.

Approx. dimensions:
Ø 7cm x 9cm